Hey All! I know you all have been patiently awaiting my blog posts or whatever, BUT … I have a new adventure on the horizons. Head on over to aplaceforlettering.com.

It’s a brand new passion project that I am working on where I hand letter (that’s correct, HAND LETTER) a city every week. So far, the last three weeks have been so much fun and I am excited to share so many more cities with all of you! For now, please enjoy the current three and stay posts every week.






Inspiring Photography


I stubbled across photography from Antoine Rose a few months back on Pinterest and later on Fast Company and had fallen in love with the bright, vibrant colors he captures from above. Here are just a few of my favorite photos from his “Up in the Air” series capturing some fantastic beach time!

My absolute favorite photo is the very top one here capturing a beach in the Hamptons. These pictures make me so sad to think that summer is almost over! It’s September already!

You can learn more about him and see more of his work HERE!

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Inspiring: Earth Art


Check out these absolutely gorgeous pictures that an artist took via Google Earth! I am blown away by how beautiful and diverse these areas are. I hope you enjoy as much as I do!

From Top to Bottom:

  • Central Borneo, Indonesia
  • Huelva, Spain
  • Huelva, Spain
  • Austbo, Norway
  • Kau Nature Reserve Conservation Reserve, Wittenoom Hills WA, Australia
  • Bering Sea, United States

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Guest Blogger: Caitlin Dickman

cdickman I had always seen knitting as a granny hobby. But this past fall, I took up the art of knitting as a way to stay productive while sitting on my couch as I binge-watched countless Netflix tv series. Before I knew it, I had a stock pile of hats and scarves that I wanted to share. Knitting soon became my go-to creative outlet when I got home from my day job as a graphic designer. I was even finding myself yarn shopping on my lunch breaks. So before I knew it, I was selling scarves and hats to co-workers, friends, friends of friends…and soon in a small art gallery in St Paul (Pioneer Art Gallery).

I’ve been so busy lately preparing for a big art show that I haven’t been knitting all that much in the past month, but I’ve been keeping an inspiration list on my pinterest board. Check it out HERE!

I will soon have hats and scarves for sale on my Etsy site as well.  But if you want first dibs on them, you should attend the RAW Minneapolis Art Show onThursday, February 20th at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis. I will be selling hats and scarves along with posters, prints, paintings, drawings and more!  If you attend, you can buy tickets HERE!

*If you buy a ticket, make sure you select THE WOODEN LLAMA as the artist you are supporting).

And wait, there’s more! if you attend the event, and say that you heard about me from this blog post, I will give you $5 OFF ANY ONE ITEM that I am selling at the show! If you can’t make it to the show, check my etsy in the end of February HERE!

I also have a PORTFOLIO SITE HERE if you’re interested in seeing even more

Thanks for reading! And a special thanks to Steph for the blog invite!




Paris Photography

paris1 paris2 paris4 paris3 Hey there all … it has been far too long! I hope everyone had a great holiday season and enjoyed spending time with friends and family! To kick off the first blog post of the new year, I wanted to showcase photography from Irene Suchocki out of Montreal, QC, Canada. I stumbled upon her Etsy shop and found breathtaking photography from all over the world. My favorite photos are from her Paris collection. After visiting Paris, I can honestly say that these capture the feeling I had when traveling through and I will always have a little place in my heart for Paris! Check out her shop HERE!