Shopping List


It’s inevitable, fall is coming and I can’t pretend it isn’t any more. The one thing I do love about fall, like most, is the fall fashion! This outfit totally aligns with my style and has that typical fall look with the flannel and boots, but with feminine details (a flowy top and heeled boots). Are these boots not amazing?! The best thing about everything here … it’s all under $50!! Are you kidding me?!?!

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Warming Up

shopping-list-#4 Finally! It has been beautiful all week and hopefully it continues! With all of this lovely weather I am all ready to start buying summer clothes. Here is a little sneak peak on what I will be looking for soon to join my closet! I have been eyeing up these Madewell shoes for quite some time now and I may have to seriously start considering making a trip to Mall of America to snag them! Also, I have a shirt just like this from H&M I bought in London, unfortunately all of the buttons fell off in the wash so I have to buy this new one!


Never-Ending Winter


So, it is suppose to continue to be really cold this week! Although I have most of the recommended winter gear, I thought I would take some time to put together a shopping list of everything a MinneSNOWta resident needs especially since it doesn’t seem to be warming up anytime soon.

PS … just ordered these Hunter Rain Boots! They will be nice in the winter, but will mostly come in handy if it does end up warming up because this Spring is going to be a messy one!