Coffee Time


Hello! Today is my friend Marissa’s birthday. So, to celebrate we decided to go to one of our favorite coffee places in Minneapolis… Cupcake! Cupcake has amazing treats and have been winners on the show Cupcake Wars. Marissa is a law student, or baby lawyer as she likes to say. I have known Marissa since we were in third grade. PS… she is also a great photographer, all of these pictures, excluding the ones of her, have been taken by her! Enjoy!





Hello All! It’s been toooooo long! I took a much needed break from blogging and now am ready to jump back in with full force! With that said, there will be a few changes regarding posts, mostly just because I want to keep this fresh and new so I continue to love blogging!

Thanks for sticking in there with me while I try and figure out this whole blog thing and stay posted for some good stuff coming in the near future!!!

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Portfolio Launch


I am ecstatic to share with you all my brand new portfolio site! This project has been a long, but exciting process and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

I had been really bad about keeping my portfolio up to date and eventually let it expire. When I decided to tackle the task of relaunching it, I had discovered that many of my original work had been lost! At first I was crazy stressed out and frustrated, but soon saw it as an opportunity to start fresh!

So please take a moment and venture through the site, tell me what you think!

It’s Friday!


Oh yea!!! What does everyone have planned this weekend? Tonight, I am celebrating my friend finishing up her last classes of her Master’s degree! The rest of my weekend plans are pretty wide open, possibly sitting by the pool with some friends, reading The Goldfinch, which is pretty awesome so far, and writing the last of the project descriptions for my portfolio pieces. I will 100% have the portfolio ready for all of you next week and I am excited to hear what you all think! Have a fantastic weekend!!



Life Lately


So, this past week / weekend has been crazy busy to say the least! Here are just a few images that capture what has been going on with me lately!


No. 1  You guys, my business cards are here!! Now all I have to do is just finish up that website!!! It’s so very close to revealing, stay tuned for some sneak peaks coming up!

No. 2  It is long overdue, but I am FINALLY going through my clothes … I seriously have way too many! I actually wear most of them, which is not what most women can say. The kicker is, although I do wear it, I don’t love a lot of them. I am starting to figure out what my style actually is which means … out with the old and in with a couple of new!

No. 3  Saturday, the boy and I took a little road trip out to my lovely friends’, Michael and Bre’s wedding! It was such a beautiful wedding and so original!

No.4  After getting back to the cities, a couple of friends were doing a photoshop for a clothing line a couple of them are starting. I just popped over to say hi and keep them company. While checking out the scene, my friend Lauren decided to snap a few pictures of me!


Welp, that is what’s going on with me, what is everyone else up to?