Vintage Beer Cans

beers Hello All! It has been awhile since my last blog post, I have been trying to enjoy the warm weather! Anywho, I stumbled upon these beautiful vintage beer cans on The Dieline who featured Dan Becker and Lance Wilson’s book Beer. This book contains vintage beer cans from all over the world! Yet another reason to love beer!


Ikea Wins Again

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Ikea wins again with their new baking book! I recently read this article on the Fast Company website. (READ IT HERE) I absolutely love how the book lays out all of the ingredients for each recipe in neat simplistic photograph before the preparation even begins. What an artful take on a baking book!

Food Art








I am such a foodie, so yesterday when my good friend Emmi showed me this website, I knew I had to share with all of you! This post she found is a promotion for the  Sydney International Food Festival where they advertise different national flags based on the foods that are associated with that nation. This is totally brilliant and only a sample of what beautiful dishes they have posted … totally worth checking all of  the dishes HERE!